The Children’s Montessori School

Our School Community Commitment

It takes partnership to provide students with experiences that ignite their imaginations and foster a love of learning. It’s our mission; and at The Children’s Montessori & Preparatory School, students and their families play an integral role. Together, we must ensure an educational environment in which our students are poised to prosper, and succeed. To do so, together we will commit to the following:


CMS staff, teachers and administrators will:

  1. Encourage and support students in reaching their full potential in academics, arts and athletics
  2. Provide students with an array of rich experiences within the school, in their community, and beyond
  3. Prepare students academically and socially, for secondary school
  4. Ensure that nothing (or no one) negatively impacts the educational environment
  5. Strive for, and achieve excellence in our pedagogy
  6. Set positive examples as role models
  7. Create and maintain an atmosphere that is safe, clean, and conducive to learning
  8. Face challenges head on, and strive to overcome them

CMS families will:

  1. Support and further foster a love of learning
  2. Encourage participation and involvement in all curricular activities
  3. Ensure students are supported in their school work
  4. Equip students with the tools they require to succeed at school
  5. Provide students with uniforms and adhere to the dress code

Together as community members, we will:

  1. Uphold our school’s values of excellence, respect and cooperation
  2. Be ambassadors of our school in the community
  3. Respect our physical surroundings
  4. Approach and address conflict and difference with respect and civility
  5. Communicate openly and honestly

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